Saturday, 22 March 2014

Npower, I salute you....

From the desk of Mild Mannered Intellectual Husband

Letter to Gareth Pickles, Customer Services Director, Npower
Dear Goreth Packles,

Thank you for you illoterate litter of 15th March, shown on the left, in which you congratulate yourself for having learned how to spell my wife’s name.  
It’s really, really impressive it only took her 20 minutes on the phone to teach one of your staff to do to this.

However, the effect is somewhat spoiled by the fact that in the same letter you manage to misspell my name, twice, in entertainingly inconsistent ways.

Evidently Npower has decided it’s no longer enough to fleece its customers.  Now it’s essential to actively troll them in their own homes for that extra special personal touch.
Gireth, I salute you.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Tom Runnacles (that’s RUNNACLES)

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