About this Blog

These are some things you will not find on this blog:

You will not find any celebrity gossip and or pictures of famous cellulite and double chins. Should Kim Kardashian, in an arguably stunning development, renounce all worldly sex tapes, take the veil and sequester herself among cloistered nuns for life (or, say, at least 74 days) I promise you I will be the last to know. My 62 year old ex-boss will blog about that before I will.

You will not find any provocative fashion statements – in words or pictures. I could not give a flying saucer if gold lame gladiator Ugg boots are in, out or upside down this season and as for hems, when you get to my age and thigh girth there are only two lengths: longish and trousers.

Despite my deceptively interesting-sounding former and current professions you will not find any political or diplomatic scoops in here. Nor will you find recipes, decoupage tips or reviews of wicked salsa clubs, out of the way jazz cellars, exclusive venues of any kind. If it’s exclusive I’m ideologically opposed to it and boycotting it. If, on the other hand, it’s inclusive, it’s likely to be quite crowded and noisy, isn’t it, and full of people I would not want to mix with, so I’m not going there, reader, not even for you!

So what on earth is this blog about, I sense you wonder?

I’ve decided to follow my own basest instincts and go with (my internal) flow. Here is what you might reasonably expect to find on my blog:

not particularly well-argued, slightly ranty feminist tirades; occasional mentions of Europe, both as in EU and as in the well-known continent; musings about ‘loife’, its meaning or lack thereof, and the increasingly decreasing quality of it; meringues (must have meringues); amusing family tales featuring intellectual, mild-mannered husband (IMMH), Lil' Sis, her son the Leopard, aka the Mouse, plus Scary Italian Mamma;  unaccomplished film and literary criticism; some tedious work-related moans, which you can skip, and finally the occasional paean to Sandra Bullock. 

I just love the woman, so go ahead and shoot me.

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